What finish should I choose?

For all of our products, we offer a variety of finishing options. We also offer a bespoke colour matching service should you require.
Our finishes are traditionally low sheen, and achieved using a natural wax and finishing oil, which can be buffed up to a satin with a soft cloth and furniture polish. 
We currently offer three finishes as standard, which are as follows. 

Antique Oak (Dark)

Our Antique Oak finish is our most popular finish - due to its rustic feel and similarity across wood batches. Loved by bloggers and interior designers alike, it is our darkest standard option with the most patina. Due to its neutral undertones, its flattering in most spaces - adding character and modernity simultaneously. 
If you are unsure about which finish to choose, we recommend this one!

Antique Pine (Lightest)

Our Antique Pine finish is a little lighter than the Antique Oak, and works well in spaces that require a little extra light. This finish is where the wood does all the talking, as no colour is added - only an oil and clear wax. Due to this, this finish can be variable in undertones. Please see examples of this finish below.

Limed Finish (Lightest)

Our limed option is the lightest option that we offer, it varies a little, but most of the time it has white wax inside the wood grain and a light white stain over the top of the wood. If you cannot find this finish in the drop down selection, just leave a note on the checkout requesting it.



Bespoke Finishing Options

We offer a bespoke finishing service should you require. Just email us or pop a message through the live chat service to find out more.