Assembly Instructions

Although we do all that we can to ensure that our assembly instructions arrive with your table, there can be occasions where these can fall off during transit. Please find a copy of our assembly instructions here should you require :)


We advise that for safety reasons, that two people working together should assemble this table


If you have a Lewis (V shape) base – Just place the top onto the two leg frames in your favoured position, and use the screws provided to attach the base to the table top.


If you have an A Frame or Square Base Table

You will need: -

Philips or cross-head Screwdriver

19mm spanner or a 19mm socket and wrench or an adjustable spanner.

Unwrap all the components and check that you have the following:


2 x washers

2 x 19mm bolts

2 leg frames

1 cross member

1 table top

  1. Please keep the transport/stabiliser bars on the back of the table, to provide stability whilst the table settles. We recommend keeping these bars on for at least 4 weeks. (Should you have a table that has a long central bar, you will need to remove the stabiliser bars – but don’t worry, the frame will then stabilise instead).
  2. Make sure you are constructing the table on a level surface.
  3. Stand one of the leg frames upright with the holes to the top, place a washer onto the bolt, then thread the Bolt through the Big hole of the leg frame into the cross member tighten to finger tight but do not tighten.
  4. Repeat to attach the second leg frame, again do not tighten
  5. When both leg frames are attached tighten the bolts as much as possible with the spanner/wrench (this will pull the table top level and stop future movement to the table top)
  6. Place the table top, face down on the floor (use the packaging to protect the finished surface), you are now looking at the rough reclaimed or unfinished side.
  7. Flip the table frame upside down, and place on the rough unfinished side. Now centralise the frame in the centre of the table top.
  8. Place the screws into the holes provided and screw into the underside of the Table until tight. Start with the two centre screws on each frame and then when they are very tight move to the outer screws until very tight. This will flatten any top that has a twist / warp as the rigid frame will pull the twist / warp flat. (we advise that these screws are tightened by hand or power screwdrivers set to 12 on the toque setting as overtightening can rip out the thread in the wood). You may wish to retighten these screws as the table top relaxes
  9. Flip the table upright and enjoy your handy work.


After care

Protect from high levels of humidity, moisture, and extreme heat as these can cause warping and in some cases splitting.

Also protect from strong sun light as this can cause bleaching of the wood.

Please wax the surface regularly using bees wax or a good quality furniture polish as this will not only protect the wood but will also develop a polish lustre in time.

Should you have any questions, please contact us via our Live Chat service, or pop an email to and we will be happy to help.