We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

We at Shabby Bear cottage are firmly committed to helping preserve our beautiful planet that we call home. We build furniture that will last the test of time, and we build it right here in the Devonshire countryside so that we can be completely transparent.

No imports, no shady certificates, just reclaimed materials and British steel. As it should be.

Reclaimed Wooden Shelves Floating

100% Reclaimed Solid wood

We create our furniture using nothing but 100% Reclaimed Solid wood and British steel. As our wood is reclaimed you can be certain that your furniture has contributed to keeping our forests and habitats safe for many years to come.  Nothing quite looks or feels like reclaimed wood, as it is a natural product that provides texture and patina to any home. 


 British Steel that is made to last

As our steel is made right here in Britain, it doesn't have to travel far to our workshops for processing. That means that our carbon footprint is reduced significantly. We are proud to be contributing to keeping this industry alive in a world where we import so much unnecessarily. 


Handmade in the Devonshire Countryside

Why import furniture when we can make it here? If your furniture doesn't have to travel as far, it means that your carbon footprint is significantly reduced. By buying British, you are helping local businesses, providing jobs and income to keep our countryside communities alive and well for generations to come.