NATURAL SCANDINAVIAN - Interior Design Trend 2022

Using natural materials, a soft palette and organic shapes, the simplicity of Scandinavian style brings a sense of calm to your space.

The modern Nordic style is one of the looks designed for the way we live today, and is wonderful for adding interest and texture into a minimalist aesthetic. It works timelessly across all rooms, and really shines when featured in flexible floorplans that switch between a living room, dining room, home office and guest bedroom. 

In essence, the style uses natural materials including lighter woods, jute, linen, leather and rattan. It focuses on raw texture, statement lighting and studio crafted ceramics. It brings a sense of calm with chalky tones, which are warm and contrast perfectly with splashes of matt black. Excellent storage solutions tend to be a theme throughout, using comforting natural elements like seagrass baskets to keep everything tidy in a forgiving way. 

When creating this style, try to layer accessories for a curated look. Search for organic shapes, silhouettes and create groupings of ceramics and that have a common colour palate. Ensure to add splashes of black here and there for contrast, perhaps with legs of furniture, or black and white photographs. Abstract art can look wonderful in this scheme, as do bold graphic shapes.