Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

It has been a couple of years now since we began to feel the finite nature of the world’s natural resources. At Shabby Bear Cottage, we decided to do our part to help the environment by creating beautiful pieces of furniture with reclaimed wood.

What is reclaimed wood you ask?
Reclaimed wood has been gaining a lot of traction in the design world lately. Essentially, it is made by using wood that has been taken from a number of sources such as warehouses, old barns, and even storage containers and recycling in into new beautiful pieces of furniture. This gives new life to the pieces of wood and helps reduce the need to cut down trees.


What are the benefits of using reclaimed wood?
The first benefit as mentioned above is helping reduce the need to cut down trees for new wood. Another benefit of using reclaimed wood for furniture is that each piece will be 100% unique and full of character. Each piece of wood used has its own story and past life, making it a charming conversation piece.

At Shabby Bear Cottage, we go the extra mile to ensure you will love your reclaimed wood furniture. Every dining table is made to order, allowing you to alter the dimensions to make sure that it fits your home. We also make benches, coffee tables and more. We take great pride in knowing that we are doing our part to help preserve the planet, and hope you will feel the same pride when you receive your Shabby Bear Cottage pieces.